Please ensure the green dongle is NOT inserted into any of the USB slots on the PC

(This will corrupt your dongle if it is still in when you change the date and time)

Insert a USB keyboard in the front of the pc and apply power to the pc, when the blue DELL logo appears Press F2 to enter bios settings (if you don’t do it quickly enough it will boot to windows) , once in the bios you will see a list of categories on the left of screen


Under SYSTEM ;

Date/Time – set the correct time and date

Boot Sequence – disable all devices except SATA (and make sure SATA is set to 1st)

(Use space to enable / disable. The letter ‘U’ brings the highlighted drive to the top of the list)

Under DRIVES - Diskette Drive - Set to Off

Under ONBOARD DEVICES - USB Controller - Set to No Boot

Under POWER MANAGEMENT - AC Recovery – Set to ON

Under POST BEHAVIOUR - Keyboard Errors – Set to Do Not Report

Press the ESC key

Now select Save Setting and Exit

Re-insert the dongle as machine boots up.